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Are you unhappy with your teeth because they’re permanently discolored, chipped, or uneven? If so, the wonderful staff at Marmalade Dentistry in Salt Lake City, Utah, can help you feel and look your best by using dental veneers to providing you with a million-dollar smile in a single visit. For further questions regarding your smile makeover, call the office today or schedule your appointment online.

Veneers Q & A

What are veneers?

Dental veneers are thin tooth-colored covers that are attached to the front surface of your teeth to achieve the dental aesthetics you desire. Marmalade Dentistry uses porcelain veneers because they’re stain resistant and provide you with the most comfortable, natural-looking results.

There are multiple reasons people get veneers, such as:

  • Permanent teeth discoloration
  • Uneven spaces between teeth
  • Gaps in between your teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Worn enamel resulting from smoking or medications

The dental staff offers the highest quality veneers so you can have a smile makeover with only a single visit to Marmalade Dentistry.

What can I expect during the process of getting veneers?

Traditional dental veneers require two or more dental appointments, but because The staff at Marmalade Dentistry use the latest dental technology, they’re able to do same-day veneers.

When you arrive at Marmalade Dentistry, the team takes the time to speak with you about what it’s like to have veneers along with evaluating your oral health. Afterwards, he numbs your teeth and the surrounding areas so you won’t feel any discomfort during treatment.

The provider minimally trims your tooth back, creating space for the veneer to rest on your tooth enamel. He then takes digital scans of your teeth and designs the veneer to your liking. Once your veneer is ready, the provider fits it onto your tooth and cements the veneer into place.  

How do I take care of my veneers?

After your treatment, there’s no downtime. Once your anesthetic wears off, you’ll be able to eat, chew, and return to your normal daily activities.

You care for your veneers the same way you’d care for your natural teeth. The team at Marmalade Dentistry recommends you brush and floss daily, have semiannual dental exams, and not chew on hard objects such as pens or ice. By practicing good oral hygiene, your veneers can last for years, even decades.

Are you ready to have a million-dollar smile? If so, call Marmalade Dentistry today or schedule your appointment online to inquire more about veneers and how they can improve the appearance of your smile.