How long do your teeth last?

99% of the time we are born with healthy enamel. I can not tell you how many times I have heard a client say " I was born with bad teeth, they have always been soft and my entire family are the same"

1: You are not born with bad teeth. The density of the enamel does vary.

2:They are not soft. Although, it is possible that you are susceptible to cavities but it is more likely it is due to diet, oral hygiene habits, medications or stomach problems.

3: Family with the same dental problems are related to the above. Family diet, home care, medications and the possibility of stomach problems like reflux or GERD.

  As children, our exposure to habits or lack of (dental hygiene) are the main causes of cavities and the need for dental restorations. The dental restorations you have as a child and the maintenance dictate the likelihood of more dental treatment or tooth loss.

  Dentistry is now a Preventative Industry that is in full force.  Bonded restorations, limited crown placement, Nightguard appliances, and home care treatment trays, Acid testing the mouth and Occlusal Perfecting Adjustments are just a few of the preventative treatments to ad longevity to the structure of your teeth.

The most important of all is home care. It is important that your dental provider takes the time to go over the best way to take care of your mouth, in detail. Then encourage you to keep doing a great job at your check-up visits.

Marilee Bitner Marilee has been in the field of dentistry since she was 13. Her father was a dentist and loved teaching and preparing his daughter " for the field" She has worked in every specialty of dentistry and loves learning and teaching everything to do with " Your mouth"

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