Bleeding, Swollen, Painful gums.



Bleeding gums are a sign of infection!

I think there is very little chance you would kiss an open sore, gross.....unhealthy swollen bleeding gums are a serious sign of infection!

Having regular cleanings at the dentist are great but if you are not cleaning your mouth correctly, the chance of the disease stopping are "NONE".

The bacterias that cause periodontal disease feed off microscopic food that lays unremoved from the teeth and in pockets under the gum. 

Flossing Deep, Brushing slowly (with intent to get the bristles of your brush under the gum) are two of the best ways to remove the debris of your left overs.:)

Now.....This is easier said then done. " IT HURTS and is going to bleed quite a bit"

Be patient and don't worry, it will  get better every day. Just like a open wound the better you are at keeping it clean the better it gets.


Marilee Bitner Marilee has been in the field of dentistry since she was 13. Her father was a dentist and loved teaching and preparing his daughter " for the field" She has worked in every specialty of dentistry and loves learning and teaching everything to do with " Your mouth"

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